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In America we can place you in several cities, but we specialize in internships in New York and internships in Los-Angeles. General information about life in America and it's most popular cities are listed here.

Internships in New York

  • New York! The unofficial capital of the world. The city that never sleeps. Why does this city attracts more than 47 million tourists each year? Is it because all creativity originates in the Big Apple? Or is it because everything seems possible in New York? Or is it because you can party hard and shop till you drop? Or is it because dwelling in New York is like being in one big movie scene? Or it could be all of this and more?!

    We're not sure, but one thing is certain ... an internship in New York is an excellent way to add an extra dimension to your study and resume. But how to start? How to find an internship in NY? How do I find a place to live in Manhattan? Good questions and the answer is simple. We can help you!

  • Short facts about New York
    • New York City is the largest city of America
    • Location: North-west of America
    • Population: 8.2 million
    • 36% of them are born outside the U.S.
    • 47% of them speak a second language besides English
    • The average income is $ 92.450 per year
    • The average rent is $ 4,000 pm (Manhattan)
    • A hotel costs average $ 267 per day
    • Traveltime from Holland by plane: ca. 7 hours
    • Currency: American dollar
    • Language: English

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