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The company has several internship positions available on our Front Office departments in Barcelona. It will be rotating shifts, 40 hours a week for at least 15 weeks. ...

Land: Spain | Stad: Barcelona | Start datum: Asap | Betaling: 300 netto | Id=1239

The company is a young creative communication agency located in Brussels. We are currently looking to expand our business into Germany and the Netherlands and are therefore ...

Land: Belgium | Stad: Brussel | Start datum: Flexible | Betaling: in consultation | Id=1238

The company is a language training center. For our office located in Qingdao, China, we are looking for an intern joining our team in the field „Marketing and Overseas ...

Land: China | Stad: Qingdao | Start datum: Flexible | Betaling: 1500 CNY flat with bonusses | Id=1237

The company is a boutique private equity firm specializing in cross-border Chinese investments. We engage in investments with sustainable financial and social returns in China ...

Land: China | Stad: Shanghai | Start datum: Flexible | Betaling: TBD | Id=1235

Who are we? Established in 1997 by the Dutch Consulate and a group of prominent Dutch businessmen, the association aims to provide a platform for its ...

Land: United Arab Emirates | Stad: Dubai | Start datum: Flexible | Betaling: between 1000 - 1500 AED | Id=1234

Ben jij nog opzoek naar een stage? En zou jij het leuk vinden om 3-6 maanden in Keulen stage te lopen? Dan ben je hiet op het juiste adres! Wij zijn nog op zoek naar een stagair ...

Land: Germany | Stad: Cologne | Start datum: Flexible | Betaling: 400 | Id=1233

Who are we? The company is a Cybersecurity startup founded by serial entrepreneurs in the Cybersecurity space. We come with over 15 years of experience and owned ...

Land: Spain | Stad: Barcelona | Start datum: Flexible | Betaling: 300 | Id=1231

We offer internships for 3-6 months to 2, 3 and 4th year students. We work in both Dutch and English with a very divers team of engineers, draftsman and specialists. Join our ...

Land: Sint Maarten | Stad: Philipsburg | Start datum: Flexible | Betaling: US$ 388 | Id=1230

The company is offering a 6-week internship programme providing real world experience right here in Dubai. Looking for creative professionals: ...

Land: Dubai | Stad: Dubai | Start datum: Flexible | Duur stage: 6 weeks | Id=1223

Wil jij graag stage lopen in Berlijn? Beschik je een goed zakelijk inzicht en heb je goede communicatieve vaardigheden? Sluit je dan aan bij ons ...

Land: Germany | Stad: Berlijn | Start datum: Flexible | Betaling: 450 EUR p.m. | Id=1227

Chile - Intern for Pilot: LAN for the use of science in Santiago de Chile StageId 1037

Santiago de Chile
ICT-Software Development
Transport costs and Lunch


The organisation is a Chilean Research and Education Network a non-profit private corporation currently integrated by 29 institutions - universities, astronomical observatories and research centers. Our mission is to promote and support the development of the Chilean education, innovation and research communities through the deployment and management of an advanced e-infrastructure. We supply a digital platform for research and education. We adopt and develop new technologies, in order to support our community with a world-class network infrastructure, services and applications. All of these functions aim to strengthen the communication and collaboration among the member institutions and their global partners.

High Demand Networking “Problem”

  • The needs of intensive data science are constantly increasing due to high performance computing, data storage, data visualization, etc.
  • We are developing a national photonic (DWDM) network to serve the national science and education community
  • In universities the local internet networks are designed to serve the core administrative services as e-mail, web, accounting and scholarship systems.  The design has poor performance for the data intensive science and the networks cannot respond to the demands of the academic research communities
  • There are two possibilities to resolve the problem:
    • A new network optimized for high performance scientific applications that coexist with general purpose facilities of the institution
    • An SND software defined network which intends to optimize the use of the network for specific needs over a dynamic management of the network resources


Internship proposal in a pilot project: LAN for the use of science in the member institutions of our organisation

  • Design and testing of a prototype network model for a local area network of the institutions (universities) in the network
  • The person responsible for the execution of the project has to:
    • Immerse in the above mentioned technologies
    • Have the basic understanding of the internal networks of the universities
    • Introduce the project proposal to the IT staff of the universities and implement the prototype with them
    • Document the pilot project to allow the replication of the model in other institutions of the network
    • The person will integrate the Technology Area of our organisation working as a team with the CTO and the other engineers of the group


Professional Background/Expected competencies:

  • Ms. C.  –level engineering studies in the fields of IT
  • Knowledge in advanced networking concepts, LAN and routing protocols
  • Network designing skills and fast to absorb new knowledge
  • Good communication skills to work with inter institutional working groups
  • Proactive, resourceful, responsible and committed
  • Language:  Spanish and English (written and spoken)

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Overige Info:

We do not provide a salary to the intern but a lunch and locomotion allowance can be negotiated. The ideal duration of the internship would be 6 months.


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