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ICT & Graphic Design Internships

Reference ID322


CategoryICT/Software Development Jobs


Job description

We are a graphic & interactive design agency with a clear focus on cross media projects. With our multi-disciplinary team we break the rules of boredom in order to make your brand stand out of the mass. How? Very simple: Experience, a strong strategy and above all boundless creativity.

After ten years of creative experience in Holland and on Curacao the 2 founders of the company joined forces. Based on Curacao, with clients from all over the Antilles and in the Netherlands, the world is our playground. And we are a fun team to play with. We are all-round and offer everything, from logo's, banners to complete websites or a brand new 'look and feel' for your company. Our expertise brings us far and at the same time keeps us close to our origin: the Netherlands. 

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